Study tour

The purpose of the study tour was the transfer of good practices (knowledge and skills) from the older EU members and the cross-border area of Croatia and Hungary.

We visited several areas of Austria and Germany. In Austria, Güssing we visited the European Renewable Energy Center, which takes care of renewable energy projects and makes the area around Güssing more energetically independent. We visited several biogas plants and wood waste plants and several small thermal systems (CTS) connected to these plants. In Germany, Solarcomplex, the largest regional energy and heat producer in the region around Bodensee, an energy-independent village, has been selected as an example of good practice. In Freiburg, a low-energy and passive solar cell Vauban was seen as an example of good practice. On returning to Austria, we saw the “smart city” resort Seestadt Aspern in Vienna. Examples of good practices observed during a study trip will be used by project partners to plan and develop new project ideas with the aim of reducing energy consumption, increasing share of renewable energy sources and introducing smart solutions.