Implemented sample value projects in the intellectuality of EU 20-20-20

V. (Last) Energy Workshop in Kozármisleny (Hungary) May 11, 2018.

Dr. Karoly Biró the Mayor of the city is greeted the audience. After that, high-quality and interesting presentations were held by experts:

  • Building energetic development results in numbers – Presented by: Attila Dénes – DD Solar Kft.
  • Energetic development from source of application. Operational process, mistakes often done in administration, gold worth observations – Presented by: Bence Miklós – Széchenyi Programiroda
  • Multipurpose energy plantation in Baranya – Presented by: Kiss Gyula István, Patyik Csaba – Megye Értékei Program
  • Realization of mini-powerhouse solar cell in self-governing environment/ambience – Presented by: Gábor Molnár – Mayor of Oroszló